Established in 2006, Rushmore Online casino has grown to become one of the top casinos in the Real-time Gaming Network. The casino is registered in Curacao, a reputable country for online gaming. Although fairly new to the industry, Rushmore has many great features that are appealing to players while only showing a single limitation.

The advantages of playing at Rushmore Online casino include:

  • Acceptance of United States players
  • Large selection of games
  • Several banking options
  • Custom lobby
  • Top-notch customer support

With the tightening of U.S. gambling laws, many casinos stopped accepting American players. As a result, there are only a handful of casinos still allowing those from the U.S. to wager; Rushmore Online is one. Given the number of players in the U.S. that are looking to bet, Rushmore Online is tapping a huge market.

Another advantage is the enormous selection of games the casino provides. This allows players to have multiple gaming options. Additionally, Rushmore Online offers many more banking options than their competitors which allows for a more flexible deposit and payout system. Accompanying these options is some of the best processing in the industry. Players can deposit and withdraw quickly and without issue.

The online lobby allows users to customize the experience which is a nice feature. Finally Rushmore Online has one of the best online support staffs in the industry. The result of providing both phone and email support is prompt responsiveness as well as accurate answers to all your questions.

Despite these numerous advantages, there is only a single disadvantage to playing at Rushmore Online casino which is:

This is a major shortcoming to the gaming site. Many players prefer and make their living from various types of tournaments. Without offering this option, they are losing out on a major market share. Also, freeroll tournaments are a significant attraction for new players because they are free. Additionally, while players are waiting for tournaments to being, they can be playing other games.

Overall Rushmore Online casino offers a great deal of advantages to their players. Accepting U.S. players, providing a large selection of games and banking options, creating a customizable lobby and supplying top-not customer support are enticing features. Unfortunately not offering tournaments is a considerable issue for many players. Hopefully in the future, the casino will realize this mistake and provide several different tournaments.